Established in 2006, our company grew to become one of the leading aggregators of Domestic and International content; distributed on OTT/IPT, Smart Handheld Devices & Smart Screens, DTH, Cable, Digital Terrestrial Distribution and Closed Circuit Networks. In addition, we specialize in remote channel playout, channel redistribution and transport, occasional use ,IPTV private iOS and Android application development, Roku, Netgear, branded smart IPTV Set-Top-Boxes and content hosting and transcoding for small to medium sized IPTV operators.

In 2009 our company added IP based delivery solutions for linear channels, occasional use and full blown state of the art cost effective IPTV/OTT system; using smart devices such as: Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Tablets, Roku, white labeled IPTV/OTT standard and smart set top boxes; benefiting businesses and end-users combined. +

Our Core Values

  • Maintain the respect and trust of clients at all levels.
  • Promote innovation and share expertise.
  • Provide an all-inclusive solution; tailored to each client and for each territory.
  • Continuously enhance our abilities and skills to deliver a robust and solid solution to all our clients and partners.


To be an honest broker and the ultimate partner for all broadcast media services


Onkast is committed to provide reliable, secure and high quality services to its clients across different broadcast media distribution platforms and outlets which help shape the way content is delivered and consumed at every corner of the globe.